St. Mark's Anglican Church - About Us

St.Mark's is located in the East end of London, and enjoys a comfortable family atmosphere. It provides a beautiful warm worship space which is utilized to the full with two alternating styles of worship, Traditional and Contemporary, both using the Book of Alternative Services. The traditional service incorporates the organ, piano and keyboard, while the Contemporary uses CD's. The beauty of the interior and the variety of worship are central features of parish life.

The parish provides for a part-time priest and depends upon a very dedicated team of lay leaders.

St. Mark's is situated on a spacious lot with numerous pine trees and ample parking. It is a tall A-frame structure with a very high roof. The interior walls and furnishings are fashioned from Canadian maple.

The building itself, constructed in 1965 is the third physical location of the parish. St. Mark’s began in 1908 as a storefront mission of an Anglican parish. The parish was housed in two further structures, moving progressively eastward as the city expanded in the 1930s. During the 1950s the size of the congregation was sufficient to warrant the building of the present church, but at that same period two additional Anglican churches were built in the same part of the city. These congregations have since sold their buildings and relocated in a new structure at the extreme eastern edge of London (2002) leaving St. Mark’s as a small but active parish in an area the residents still refer to as the ‘east-end’.

St. Mark's continues to function with considerable vitality. The parish list indicates a membership of 60 families, yet average Sunday attendance frequently numbers in excess of 75 persons. All the programs associated with Anglican parish life function well at St. Mark’s: Sunday School and Nursery, Bible Studies and Alpha sessions in parish homes, facilities for AA meetings, Choir and Servers, education classes and social events all designed to bring families and the community together.

Last Updated: November 2016